Our Story

Out of Stock Apparel was founded in February 2020 by 3 friends from New Jersey. These guys grew up together sharing a passion for sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball. This kept them close throughout school and beyond. Years later they share a new passion... sneakers.

For those who may be unfamiliar with sneaker culture, it refers to the popularity and prevalence of sneakers in modern day fashion, media, and society. The beginning of sneaker culture is often associated with Michael Jordan and basketball in the 1980’s. His signature sneaker, the “Air Jordan”, changed the way we view shoes. Sneakers became more than functional, athletic footwear, but also became a symbol of status and style for the individual who wears them. Fast forward to modern day sneaker culture. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, and New Balanace have shifted the view of sneakers to include lifestyle, fashion, and comfort. Sneakers are now at the root of fashion and sports around the globe. Their popularity continues to grow and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Inspired by sneaker culture, we built Out of Stock to share three major ideologies:

  1. Functionality - Out of Stock is in a continuous cycle of sourcing only the highest quality of products. Each piece is guaranteed to provide high quality and comfort. As our brand continues to grow and improve, this ensures each piece from Out of Stock is better than the last.
  2. Art - You don’t need a personal stylist to have a strong fashion sense. Out of Stock has you covered. We use local artists and streetwear inspired designs to give you clothing for every fit.
  3. Exclusivity - All products are offered during a specific collection period. When that collection is gone, the product’s gone forever! That’s how you know everything you get from Out of Stock is unique, and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Sneakers are our passion, and we use this as the fire to build Out of Stock from the ground up. We hope you can support our journey any way that you can, but more importantly we hope you view Out of Stock as the fire to your own passion. Whether your passion is sneakers, art, sports, streetwear, or anything else, we want Out of Stock to remind you of this.

Your passions are what make you unique, so follow your passion.