Kicks & Prints

Streetwear has always been a representation of art, a way for artists and consumers to express themselves through apparel. Artists from today, including Shepard Fairey, KAWS, and Daniel Arsham, have used streetwear and apparel as a medium for their art. Tie in the commonality between streetwear and art that they share a basis of exclusivity, and you have a perfect storm to wear something unique every day. 

At Out of Stock, we share the same passion of art in everything that we do. All of our apparel, accessories, and sneakers are representations of art and we want to remind you of that. For that reason, every purchase includes a FREE limited edition art print. Each print is a giclee print, hand numbered and signed by the artist. Prints are 7" X 5" and hand deckled for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any special requests for specific art prints, as distribution is 100% random. Additionally, once a specific design is sold out, they are sold out for good! We will not be restocking any general release art prints to the public after they are sold out. A small number of "Artist Proof" prints are made available to friends and family only. Please see below for a list of current and past art prints offered through Out of Stock:


Artist: Daniel Gerlach

Springy Specs - LE: 1 of 25

Cook-y Specs - LE: 1 of 75